Hi, my name is

christian deciga.

web3 engineer

I'm a passionate Full Stack web developer having an experience of web applications with React.js, Next.js and Blockchain development on Ethereum, Solidity and Web3.js.

Currently available for remote job & freelance


what i do

full stack development

  • Building responsive static websites using Next.js
  • Building responsive Single Page Apps in React.js
  • Building RESTful APIs in Express

blockchain development

  • Experience in developing Smart Contract using Solidity & Ethereum
  • Developing NFT Smart Contracts using ERC-721 Token Standard
  • Building Dapps with React.js & Solidity using Web3.js

where i've worked

Chief Meme Officer @Frax Finance

june 2019 - february 2021

  • Chief Meme Officer

my projects

what's next

get in touch

I’m currently looking for a remote job or any new opportunities.

Whether you have a project to discuss or just want to say hi, my inbox is open for all!

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